NEW PRODUCT Underwater Tank Cleaning Robot

Underwater remote operated tank cleaning systems. Cleaning sediment that builds up into thicker sludge material, and it impacts on the quality of the water and on the structure of the tank.  Main advantages:

  • Safer - Eliminates the requirement to send a human (diver) into the tank and clean it
  • Faster - The system cleans the tank while under operation
  • Cheaper - Eliminates the need for draining the tank of thousands of gallons of water


NEW PRODUCT Subsea Brushless Motors with Internal Driver (RS232 control) and Oil Compensator

Power (24V DC) and a PC with a COM port is all you need. The DC Brushless Actuator includes inside the housing all the necessary circuitry (logic and driver) for controlling the motor using standard RS232 serial communication (9600 baud, 8, N, 1).
To prevent loss of control in case of communication failure, the internal microcontroller is set with a communication timeout of 0.5 seconds. The motor will stop if the timeout is reached.
Internal sensors provide pulse feedback, direction feedback (high/low), output shaft home position (high/low), as well as current consumption (10 bit ADC)

Visual Basic .NET 2010 source code and GUI is provided free of charge.



  • Mechanical Design: Complete mechanical engineering design and analysis services for the development of components and systems in strict compliance with current codes and standards
  • Manufacturing: Prototype/Design: Concept-to-Reality. Our design specialists provide personal support to the customer design/concept
  • Pressure Testing: Two high pressure testing chambers up to 20,000 psi configured to allow testing of subsea and underwater equipment. Dimensions 24" diameter x 200" long


  • Subsea Electronics Housings
  • One Atmosphere Electronic Enclosures
  • Oil filled pressure compensatorss
  • 3,000 m Water Depth Rotary / Linear Applications : Subsea Rotary Actuators, Subsea Linear Actuators
  • Winch Systems Solutions
  • TSS Coils Deployment Systems
  • Subsea Junction Boxes

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