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Benefits of purchasing from Mechanics Design

Prototype/Design: Concept-to-Reality. Our design specialists provide personal support to the customer design/concept. We can help develop your specifications and create or modify a prototype. Mechanics Design provides technical information concerning manufacturing techniques and materials. We advise our customers on process advantages and limitations. We think outside the box with determination and creative solutions while keeping cost and quality in mind.

Experienced Work Force: Our staff has in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and engineering processes gained through years of experience. As a result, we understand the importance of quality, cost and schedule. If we can not manufacture your parts in house we will submit the design to our certified partners for a quotation before we commit to the customer.

Relationship: We will take good care of you when you purchase from Mechanics Design. You will become part of our team, and we want our team to succeed. Mechanics design will stay in contact providing schedule, shipping and tracking information to you. Mechanics Design will take care of the design, manufacturing, delivery, and in exchange we have an opportunity to learn and grow based on our relationship with you.

Convenience: Quantity purchases can be scheduled. When you need a quantity and not all at once; Mechanics Design can schedule your order.

Increased reliability : When the components of a system are optimized for the requirements of that system the reliability is increased. There are fewer components to fail and you get the benefit of our rigorous design and testing.

Bottom line : we are actively designing and building products all of the time. We have the expertise and the tools to perform for you. Custom designs and modifications to our existing designs are welcomed. Mechanics Design can bring your product to market quickly and efficiently. The quickest time to market will be with the right people following the right plan and using the right tools. Mechanics Design has all three components. Let us put them to work for you and take advantage of our experience and let us bring your project to market.

Mechanics Design's manufacturing group manages the fabrication of our own products and those that we manufacture for other companies and academic institutions. Our skilled assemblers are the ideal choice for your small production and prototyping requirements. We can provide turn-key manufacturing or partial assemblies to fit your needs.





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