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Subsea Electronics Housing

NV Mechanics Design Ltd. designs and manufactures electronics housing, one atmosphere pressure vessels for subsea applications.

Pressure Vessels are used in Subsea Applications for ROV's Trenchers, Subsea Drills and based on client's request they are built of Aluminum 6061-T6, Titanium or Stainless Steel material.


  • Aluminum (6061-T6), Stainless Steel (316, 17-4 PH COND 1150), Super Duplex Stainless Steel, Titanium and Other Materials
  • Fail safe sealing design (dual radial and face O-rings)
  • Various end cap closure methods
  • Seal check port (in between radial and face O-ring) and purging port (nitrogen purging for delicate internal electronics)
  • Custom external mounting for easy handling and servicing
  • Custom connector/penetration configuration
  • Custom internal electronics support structure
  • Optimized size vs. weight
  • Hard anodized surface finish (aluminum); passivated surface finish (stainless steel)
  • Design standards: ABS, DNV, ASME
  • Static Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is performed on all designed components
  • Buck-ling FEA is performed on the tube
  • Stress analysis hand calculations are performed for further confidence on the FEA results.




TSS Coils Deployment Systems

Designed to deploy TSS 340, 430 coils from an ROV of opportunity. The mechanism is built of Pultruded Fiberglass Profiles, has two synchronized hydraulic cylinders for deployment and can be attached to any Work Class ROV of opportunity (Perry Slingsby XLS or XLX, Shilling or ISE 3000 HYDRO). It requires only a rate valve with flow control.

Subsea Junction Boxes

Fiber Optics / Electrical Junction Boxes designed and built to customer specifications shape (round / rectangular), material (SST or Anodized Aluminum 6061-T6). Junction boxes are designed and built with ease of access and safety in mind. ...




Presure Vessel General Assembly


Electronics Housing Presure Vessel

Electronics Housing Presure Vessel