Industrial Electrical Winches

We offer complete Winch Systems Solutions, we design, manufacture and commision Industrial Electrical Winches as well as Hydraulic Drives. We provide a full range of custom-engineered Winch Systems designed to handle up to 10,000 ft of umbilical, adjustable on the fly Active Level Wind Control. Our Winch Systems are being used in Pipe and Tunnel Inspections, Subsea Applications - ROV Winches, Oil and Gas - Wireline Winches.

We can refurbish your existing Winch System with a new Level Wind Module. It is an add on module to your Winch, requires only 110 or 220 VAC and it will save you a lot of money anytime you have to change the umbilical size.




Assembly DRW


Safety - cable is enclosed inside the cover, 3 (three) E-Stop Buttons, 2 (two) Safety Clutches, Mechanical or Electrical Brakes.
AC Control Systems - Baldor VS1MX Microdrive, the ultimate drive for harsh environments. This easy-to-use, low-power AC variable speed drive has a compact design and is available in switched or non-switched enclosures.

The IP-55/NEMA 12 or IP66/NEMA 4X ratings make the drive ideal for use in wet, dry and harsh-duty conditions.

Handheld Winch Controller with LCD Display
The dial potentiometer on the control panel adjusts the Level Wind advance rate between 0 and 25 mm/turn in 0.01 mm steps which is displayed on the 4th line of the LCD display.
Wireless Controller for Winch Systems

Using a Remote Radio Wireless Transmitter will allow the Winch system to be remotely controlled up to 330ft/100m away. The Receiver is mounted by the Winch and receives signals from the Radio Wireless Transmitter; it is completely waterproof and safe from interference with other equipment
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